[December 19, 2015]
"Monster Treasure Adventure is great fun for fans of block-matching puzzles"
- Samantha Lienhard, Up4review.com

[December 15, 2015]
Monster Treasure Adventure is finally live on Apple App Store. Check it out!

[December 14, 2015]
"The graphics are top notch... Highly recommended!"
- Playplayfun.com

[December 4, 2015]
"Quick fix for your puzzle cravings"
- Kongbakpao.com

[December 4, 2015]
Monster Treasure Adventure is live on Google Play! The puzzle action is more intense than ever on your mobile phone, download now on Google Play store!

[November 17, 2015]
Check out the new Monster Treasure Adventure game trailer video on Youtube!

[November 6, 2015]
Calling all Android Beta Testers! We're really excited to tell you that Monster Treasure Adventure on Android is almost ready, but we need some help with testing the game. If you could help us, please see our Community Page for details.

[November 4, 2015]
Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for game tips and tricks and other cool videos to come!

[September 4, 2015]
Monster Treasure Adventure is now live on Facebook. Come join us for a fun puzzle adventure in Treasureland!